The latest release from De La Soul. Find tracks like this on our REAL HIP-HOP Channel…coming soon!

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100 Percent Mixx & 100 Percent Real DJs proudly presents the Monthly Mainstream Hip Hop Mixxtape Series. These series of mixxtapes features the hottest mainstream Hip-Hop & R&B releases of the month. This mixxtape features Various Artist recordings released in the month of March 2013. Mixed & hosted by Ronni Rebel @RonniRebel.

100 Percent Mixx presents the BEHIND THE TUNES series, featuring an inside look of some of the worlds best Artists. This BEHIND THE TUNES feature showcases MAD COBRA. Relax, listen and learn as we take you on a musical & educational journey behind MAD COBRA’s musical productions. Hosted and mixed by Ronni Rebel.